Multimedia & Vision People


  1. Prof. Ebroul IzquierdoProf. Ebroul Izquierdo

    Chair of Multimedia and Computer Vision and Head of the Group

  2. Dr Ioannis PatrasDr Ioannis Patras


  3. Dr Pengwei HaoDr Pengwei Hao


  4. Dr Qianni ZhangDr Qianni Zhang

    Senior Lecturer

Past Academics:

  1. Dr Hatice GunesDr Hatice Gunes

    Affective and Human Computing

Visiting Academics:

  1. Prof. Sergio A VelastinProf. Sergio A Velastin


  2. Dr Arturo de la EscaleraDr Arturo de la Escalera


Researchers Associates:

  1. Dr Tomas PiatrikDr Tomas Piatrik

    Multimodal fusion for Multimedia Retrieval,

  2. Dr Valia Guerra OnesDr Valia Guerra Ones


  3. Dr Ioannis Marras

    Convolutional Networkarchitecture

  4. Dr Youngkyoon JangDr Youngkyoon Jang

    human behaviour analysis, hand gesture recognition, AR/VR object selection & manipulation, object recognition in a video, and person re-identification

  5. Dr Fiona Rivera

    Virtual reality, 3D animation, motion capture, HCI, interactive multimedia, REVERIE, CONNECTA2020, 3DLife

  6. Richard Orjasek

Visiting Researchers:

  1. Ye Tao

    Deep Learning, Background subtraction, Machine Learning

  2. Ning Feng


  3. Qiang Sun



  1. Thomas Bangert

    Colour Reproduction, Colour Vision

  2. Juan Abdon Miranda Correa

    Multimodal Affect Dimensions Tracking, Video Summarisation and Social Contagion

  3. Salehe Erfanian Ebadi

    Background Subtraction/Foreground Modeling in real-world Videos

  4. Petar Palasek

    Action Recognition using Deep Learning

  5. Vigneswaran Poobalasingam

    Performance Optimisation of HEVC,

  6. Faranak Sobhani

    Knowlege Represantation

  7. Foteini Markatopoulou

    PhD Student

  8. Nur Farhan Kahar

    PhD Student

  9. Wenxuan Mou

    PhD Student

  10. Christos Tzelepis

    Discriminative Machine Learning for Video Event Detection

  11. Aria Ahmadi

    PhD Student

  12. Zhaoyang Xu

    PhD Student

  13. Zongyi Xu

    PhD Student

  14. Andre Seixas Dias

    PhD Student

  15. Mina Adel Thabet Bishay

    PhD Student

  16. Farzad Toutounchi

    PhD Student

  17. Camilo Vargas

    Semantic based media synchronisation, aggregation and event plotting

  18. Ellie (Jieon) Kim


  19. Andrej Satnik

    Multiview 3D sensing and analysis for high quality point cloud capturing and model generation

  20. Maria Santamaria

    Video Coding, HEVC and Turing Codec

  21. Tingting Xie

    PhD Student

  22. Yibao Sun

    Medical Image Understanding, Remote Sensing Image Analysis

  23. Bingqing Guo

    Image Processing, Image Style Transfer & Classification

  24. Maria Silvia Ito

    Video coding, deep learning, computer networks, and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)

  25. Xindi Zhang

    Computer vision, machine learning and deep learning

Illustrious Alumni:

  1. Dr Tomáš Kliegr

    Monotonicity in Rule Classifiers

  2. Dr Evangelos Sariyanidi

    Representation and Analysis of Facial Expressions in Image Sequences

  3. Dr Cesar Pantoja

    Semantic web, Knowledge managment, Machine learning,

  4. Dr Craig Henderson

    Tracing Artefacts in CCTV Surveillance Videos,

  5. Dr Ivan Zupancic

    Efficient Video Coding Scheme,

  6. Dr Shenglan Huang

    Multimedia streaming over P2P network with network coding

  7. Dr Daria Stefic

    Human action recognition using gaze information

  8. Patrycia Barros De Lima Klavdianos

    Image Processing

  9. Dr Saverio Blasi

    Video Coding, HEVC, Image Compression, Image Processing / ran THIRA

  10. Dr Yixian Liu

    Stage-based 3D Scene Reconstruction

  11. Dr Sertan Kaymak

    Real-time Appearance Based Gaze Tracking

  12. Dr Michele Sanna

    Network Coding, Signal Processing, Video Streaming

  13. Dr Markus Brenner

    Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval

  14. Dr Virginia Fernandez Arguedas

    Video Surveillance, Pattern Recognition, Object Classification

  15. Dr S Navid Haji Mirza

    Gaze Tracking, Human Computer Interaction, Image Annotation

  16. Dr Stefano Asioli

    p2p, game theory, scalable video coding

  17. Dr Eduardo Peixoto

    Video Coding

  18. Dr Sander Koelstra

    Image Emotion Analysis, Emotion Recognition, EEG Analysis

  19. Dr Paulo Vinicius Koerich Borges

    Digital Image Watermarking, Computer Vision, Image Processing

  20. Dr Marta Mrak

    Video Coding

  21. Dr Evan Morgan

    affect and music

  22. Dr Konstantinos Bozas

    Computer Vision, Image Retrieval, Machine Learning

  23. Dr Vijay Kumar B G

    Machine learning, Computer vision, Image Processing

  24. Dr Karthikeyan Vaiapury

    Model Based 3D vision

  25. Dr Xavier Sevillano

    Cluster Ensembles

  26. Dr Cristina Romero Macias


  27. Dr Divna Djordjevic

    Image Annotation

  28. Dr Marcin Grzegorzek

    Image Annotation

  29. Vlado Kitanovski

    Facial Feature Augmentation

  30. Dr Fuzheng Yang

    Scalable Video Coding

  31. Dr Toni Zgaljic

    Scalable Video Coding

  32. Dr Janko Calic

    HCI, video coding, content based retrieval

  33. Dr Krishna Chandramouli

    Video Coding, Image Classification, Biologically Inspired Learning

  34. Dr Ivan Damnjanovic

    Sparse Representations, Digital Image Watermarking

  35. Dr Uros Damnjanovic

    Image Classification, Video Annotation

  36. Dr Le Dong

    Image Classification

  37. Dr Andrés Dorado

    Semi-Automatic Image Annotation, Rule-Based Video Annotation

  38. Dr Giuseppe Passino

    Patch-based Semantic Labelling of Images

  39. Dr Nikola Sprljan

    Scalable Video Coding

  40. Dr Lasantha Seneviratne

    Semi-Automatic Image Annotation

  41. Dr Stefanos Vrochidis

    Interactive Video Indexing

  42. Dr Weiwei Guo

    Pattern Recognition

  43. Dr Spiros Nikolopoulos

    Semantic Multimedia Analysis

  44. Dr Antonis Oikonomopoulos

    Human Activity Analysis, Image and Video Retrieval

  45. Dr Muhammad Akram

  46. Dr Georgios Kordelas

  47. Dr Andy Lui

  48. Dr Maria Patricia Trujillo Uribe

  49. Dr Huai Wan

  50. Dr Tijana Janjusevic

Noble Contributors:

  1. Dr Theodore Zachariades

    Former Research Associate

  2. Dr Frank Peter Foerster

    Developmental Robotics and HRI for Language Acquisition

  3. Dr Julie Wall

    Biologically Inspired Computational Models of Auditory Related Neural Circuit and Spiking Neural Networks

  4. Dr Irene Kotsia

    Facial Expression Recognition

  5. Dr Oya Celiktutan Dikici

    Affective and Personality Computing for Human-Computer Interaction

  6. Professor Naeem Ramzan

    Image/Video Processing, 2D/3D Video Transmission, Social Media Distribution